Martin Hiendl

I am a composer and performer based in Berlin and New York. My work started out in experimental concert music for acoustical instruments and has since ventured outside the traditional concert setting into performance installations and interdisciplinary realms, employing instruments mainly in interaction with and/or through electronic means. Extended duration and installative temporality have become an increasingly important dimension in my work, working against a presumed synchronicity between spectacle and spectator. The performativity of the space-time-body relationship in music is the main driving force behind why I want to write for music as a live act -- as a shared space in time between bodies for an event that is inherently theatrical.

Important collaboratos have been musicians like Miguel Pérez Ińesta, Leslie Leytham, Dustin Donahue and Rachel Beetz, video artist Monica Duncan, stage designer Claudia Doderer and writer Göksu Kunak/Gucci Chunk. My works have been performed by ensembles and performers from the Zafraan Ensemble (Berlin), International Contemporary Ensemble (New York), Schallfeld Ensemble (Graz), Kammerensemble Neue Musik (Berlin), MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik (Cologne) and others.

Besides having others perform my work, I also thoroughly enjoy performing myself, both on the piano as well as with my analog modular synthesizers and various other instruments, often with makeup and under the name Laure Leander.

I am currently pursuing a doctorate at the Columbia University New York.