In the making:

New Work
for the Schallfeld Ensemble Graz
Commissioned by impuls festival
Premiere: November 2014 in Graz, Austria

List of works:

Schichtung (2014)
performance installation for variable performers and duration
Commissioned by Zafraan Ensemble Berlin

OFFSHORE (2012/2013)
for two trumpets, horn, tuba, two percussionists, electronics and video (60 min)
Commissioned by ICE as part of the ICElab program 2013

UniSolo (2012)
for percussion (10 min)

to be the bell and then to fall (2011)
for voice and megaphone (10 min)

Erwartung und Traumverlust (2009-2011)
Short-opera for two voices, ensemble and electronics (35 min)

Erwartung und Traumverlust (2009/2011)
Solo for voice from the short-opera (15 min)

Aufschlag (2011)
for any four players

kleine münze (2010)
Duo for any two players on the same instrument (30 sec - 2 min)

Klanggruppentritt (2009)
Sextet (5 min)

Tropfen/Skalen (2008)
for two pianos and electronics (12 min)