Erwartung und Traumverlust (2009, revised 2011)

Solo for any female voice (15 min)

Leslie Leytham

San Diego, USA
January 22nd, 2010

Leslie Leytham, voice

"all my visions and dreams!"
"putting my face on his chest"

"Or, rather, I violated her."

Like the short-opera, this piece is based upon the short story »Kesa and Morito« by Ryunosuke Akutagawa fatalistic relationship between Kesa and Morito, which cannot live out their love, leading them to perversity and extreme violation and humiliation.

The story can be found here on page 25: "Kesa and Morito"

This piece is the core of the second and third scene of the opera, but it can also be sung as a solo for any female voice.
No text is being used. Rather, vowels and consonants are organized by the trajectory from sounds from the front of the mouth (the lips) to sounds from the far back of the mouth (the glottis).