2016-10-09/10/11, Graz (AU)
Premiere of the opera PARADISE at the Musikprotokoll/Steirischer Herbst 2016 at the MuMuth Graz

2016-06-14/15, Berlin (DE)
Premiere of an hour-long piano+electronics solo performed by myself in collaboration with stage designer Claudia Doderer as part of an durational performance project called Pacific Bodies (supported by INM Berlin)

2016-03-27, New York (US)
First performance of a new project with Sam Yulsman for two pianos and electronics at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn

2016-03-11/12, Berlin (DE)
Performance with Brendan Dougherty for a project by Julian Weber

2016-03-11, New York (US)
A new work will be premiered by Ekmeles at the Columbia Composers Concert at DiMenna Center

2016-01-10, Berlin (DE)
Performance with Annie Gårlid and Matthew Conley at Studio8. Excerpts from PARADISE as well as Zeichnung_1

2015-12-05, New York (US)
Zeichnung_1 performed at the Columbia Composers Electroacoustic Concert

2015-10-18, Warsaw (PL)
Schichtung performed at the Installakcje Festival in Warsaw

2015-09-16, Berlin (DE)
Zeichnung_2 performed by Zafraan Ensemble at Heimathafen Neukölln for Kontraklang

2015-07-09, Berlin (DE)
Curation of Comet. Performance of Frank in collaboration with Göksu Kunak/Gucci Chunk, as well as Zeichnung_1

2015-05-15, Berlin (DE)
tonus (solo version) performed by Emmanuelle Bernard at Unerhörte Musik, BKA Theater

2015-03-05, Gijon (ES)
Zeichnung_1 produced with and performed by Miguel Pérez Iñesta

2014-11-08, Graz (AU)
tonus premiered by the Schallfeld Ensemble at Minoritensäle Graz

2014-05-22, Basel (CH)
Schichtung premiered by Zafraan Ensemble at the Münsterplatz in Basel

2014-04-05, Berlin (DE)
UniSolo performed by Alexandre Babel from KNM Berlin at the Galerienwanderung 2014

2013-12-10, New York (US)
OFFSHORE premiered by the International Contemporary Ensemble at the Roulette, Brooklyn

2013-10-09, San Diego (US)
UniSolo premiered by Dustin Donahue at UCSD

2013-03-02, New York (US)
Excerpts from OFFSHORE, kleine münze and Aufschlag performed by ICE at The Kitchen

2013-02-16, Graz (AU)
kleine münze performed at Forum Stadtpark

2013-01-25, Berlin (DE)
Electronic noise performance at Apartment Project Berlin

2012-01-13, San Diego (US)
Erwartung und Traumverlust performed at UCSD with support from the Goethe Institut Los Angeles

2011-06-26, Los Angeles (US)
Performance of Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston with Rachel Beetz (flutes), Dustin Donahue (percussion) and Martin Hiendl (piano, celeste)

2011-06-02, San Diego (US)
West Coast Premiere of Fausto Romitelli's An Index of Metals at UCSD conducted by Martin Hiendl

2011-05-16, San Marcos (US)
to be the bell and then to fall premiered by Meghann Welsh at CalState University San Marcos

2011-01-28, San Diego (US)
Performance of Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston with Rachel Beetz (flutes), Dustin Donahue (percussion) and Martin Hiendl (piano, celeste)

2010-10-22 (23, 24), Frankfurt (DE)
Erwartung und Traumverlust premiered at the Bockenheimer Depot

2010-08 until 2010-11, Los Angeles (US)
kleine muenze performed during the summer at the Little William Theater Festival of New Music at the Hammer Museum